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Early Intervention Specialist


Early Intervention Specialists, Inc. (EIS) is an infant/toddler early intervention provider in Pennsylvania.  We provide early intervention services to children ages 0-3 years who have or are at risk for developmental delays and their families.


We provide services in Allegheny, Butler, Cumberland/Perry, Dauphin, Washington, and York/Adams Counties.  Services are provided in home and community settings at no cost to families.

Reaching Milestones?

The following skills give a picture of what a child may be able to do at a given age.

Look at the skills with your child’s age and if you have concerns about development contact early intervention.

This is only a brief list of developmental stages and not a complete list of milestones.


By 6 Mos. – Knows faces, smiles, makes cooing sounds. Lifts head, begins to roll over, holds toy briefly. Watches own hands and looks at things around them. Tries new foods, seems excited about being fed. Can bring both hands to center, plays with toes.


By 1 Year – Rolls a ball, looks for dropped toys. Likes to play with a toy, can use a cup with help. Sits up, creeps or crawls, pulls up to stand. Says and understands a few words and starts to stand alone.


By 18 Mos. – Says several words, makes noises as if talking. Can roll a ball, mimics others. Takes off some clothes, puts things in a box, uses a cup, spoon, and kicks a ball. Starting to run and climb stairs.

By 2 Years – Speaks several words togetherFeeds self with spoon and drinks from cup. Points to body parts when asked. Kicks a ball, walks up and down stairs. Likes to hear stories, plays alone for short time.


By 3 Years – Enjoys pretending with toys and adults. Easily picks up very small objects. Uses three word sentences, Enjoys playing with children but may be shy. Puts on coat, shoes and hat.

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Our SLP is an amazing person! Our son has grown leaps and bounds with her assistance! Thank you for an awesome experience!”

— Nicole C.

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