Early Intervention Specialists, Inc.

Early Intervention Specialists, Inc. (EIS) is an infant/toddler early intervention provider in Pennsylvania.  We provide early intervention services to children ages 0-3yrs who have or are at risk for developmental delays and their families.  We provide services in Allegheny, Butler, Cumberland/Perry, Dauphin, Lancaster, Washington, and York/Adams Counties.  Services are provided in home and community settings at no cost to families.

*If you are interested in services in Cumberland/Perry, Dauphin, Lancaster or York/Adams - please call our Central Region number below.

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“Our occupational therapist has proven to be very knowledgeable and attentive when it comes to Amy’s needs. Her patience and kindness have earned our family’s heart. I would strongly recommend her to any parent” --Janet P.

“Over the last year it is amazing how well our son has developed after being diagnosed with torticollis. Our PT worked so well with our son and really incorporated therapy into his daily activities. Each week we had something new to work on! We were sad when he was discharged from services but thrilled with how well he developed!Allison P.

“Our SLP is an amazing person! Our son has grown leaps and bounds with her assistance! Thank you for an awesome experience!” Nicole C.

“Our therapist has been exceptional. She has done a great job in helping us introduce new foods, as well as helping us make our own organic baby food! She is sensitive to our daughter’s feeding issues and our daily struggles. She has helped us in all aspects of our daily routine.” --anonymous