Jenni Galbraith

Hello and welcome!

My name is Jenni Galbraith and I am the founder and CEO of EIS. Thank you for visiting our site to find out more about Early Intervention and what our company can do to work with your family!

I started EIS fourteen years ago after receiving a Master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Early Intervention and working with families as a Developmental Specialist myself. I was drawn to Early Intervention for personal reasons stemming from growing up with two sisters who have Cerebral Palsy.

As a child, I learned to wait patiently outside of therapy rooms while my sisters learned to walk, use their hands, and speak more efficiently. At that time, there were no routines-based, in-home therapies available for them. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Pitt and working as a Behavior Specialist, I learned about Early Intervention and it broadened my perspective on the potential that could be tapped when parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and caregivers are involved in the actual everyday learning processes. Processes that happen in your home and in your community where your child is every day with the people they know and love. And that is what we aim to do here.

Our highly qualified team specializes in bringing those who are with your children the most into the processes of learning. We want to help you help your child and we want your child to reach the highest potential possible.

Here at EIS, we empower you and your family to encourage your child.

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