EIS is invested in providing high-quality services to the children and families that we serve. That is why we are introducing Tele-intervention (TI) to deliver early intervention services.

TI is the delivery of early intervention services using distance technology, when the early interventionist/client are not in the same physical location.

  • The difference between TI and in-person visits is that we will not be physically in the same room as you and your child. Just like in-person visits, this means that the focus of the interaction is between you and your child, making you an active part of your child’s sessions. We coach you with strategies to support your IFSP outcome and you can ask us questions along the way.


  • Caregiver participation is essential for the family to truly learn and use the skills taught during sessions throughout their daily activities. We help show you how this type of participation can have long-term benefits for your child’s development


  • TI takes place in a setting that is natural to you and your everyday life and routines where you’re better able to repeat the strategies. You and your family can integrate them with other activities throughout the day just like your face-to-face sessions. We focus on your family’s specific needs and help you meet the goals set for your child.


  • Our role is to observe, provide feedback, and to check-in with families and caregivers to see how they felt about the session and how comfortable they feel about using newly taught skills at throughout the day.

What Parents Say!

“This is pretty cool. I like that we are able to continue to work on [their] speech so that he does not fall behind”.


“…it flowed so smoothly and it was honestly just like she was there with us! I’m so happy and thankful for this option right now!”